Ventura Ethernet Services

With Ethernet you get more bandwidth for your dollar. Don’t let employee productivity suffer due to slow internet access. Advantage Telecom is able to give you dedicated internet access, providing speeds from 1,000 Mpbs.

This extremely reliable service is ideal for offices that need to send files, host data or video content, or where remote access is required. If your business needs faster uploads for hosting data for your employees, customers or suppliers, Ethernet is for you. Accelerate your internet experience and increase employee productivity with Ethernet today!

  • Delivered over copper pairs
  • Features symmetrical data rates and faster transmission
  • This technology enables faster data transmission, so your employees can be more productive
  • Dual platform which offers redundancy
  • Supports high bandwidths with fine granularity
  • High speed dedicated connection
  • Reliable line offered very inexpensively
  • Future-proof transport for data, video and voice applications
  • The most effective infrastructure for data services
  • Ethernet scales in small increments
  • Distance limitations

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