High Speed T1

T1 provides a dedicated, reliable high-speed internet connection as well as converged voice and data traffic in 1.544 Mbps increments. In order to provide additional bandwidth, a method called “bonding” is used to combine 2 or more T1′s together which also provides redundancy.  If one T1 should fail, the data is automatically routed to the back-up circuit. Need a Point-to-Point solution to securely transfer your business’ voice and data traffic? We provide a dependable and reliable solution that you can depend on. Advantage Telecom provides T1 access reliably and also offers pricing that can’t be beat!

  • High-speed dedicated connection – 1.544 Mbps (download & upload)
  • 24 channels at 64Kbps for inbound and outbound calls.
  • Advantage Telecom’s T-1 can support up to 40-50 people on the phone
  • Used for voice, data or both voice and data (integrated)
  • No distance limitations
  • Quality of Service (QoS) is built in the system to guarantee voice quality. This means voice takes priority over data
  • Can bond 2 T-1′s together, in order to get a robust 3 Mbps product which also creates redundancy