Ventura Phone Services

Advantage Telecom offers telephone services for Ventura County businesses, encompassing conventional voice service, VoIP, and data.

Advantage Telecom has access to all of the major carriers, allowing us to customize voice and data packages ideal for your business application. We also offer a full line of telecom equipment, wiring services, phone programming, and repair.

Ip Phones
You will now enjoy automatic feature upgrades with Advantage Telecom’s ability to remotely upgrade your system. Standard calling features include Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADNs), Call Pick-up Groups, Music on Hold, Short Code Dialing, Auto Attendant, Automated Call Distribution (ACD), and more.
IP Phone
  • Easy to set up, move, add, and make changes
  • Provides excellent versatility and scalability
  • Use them anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Multiple offices can communicate with each other for free
  • Doesn’t require the costly investment of on-site hardware equipment
  • Don’t have to upgrade or maintain the system.
  • Abundance of diverse features – enjoy numerous beneficial options without installing any hardware or software
  • Offers outstanding customer support services through simplified system configuration and management.
  • Ideal for small and mid-sized businesses with limited IT resources and budget that want the features and functionality of a powerful IP system