Fact: Over half of communication is visual. Seeing is believing.

This means your employees are more effective and productive when they meet face-to-face with colleagues, partners, and customers.

The problem is that we all are increasingly dispersed, working from different offices, working from home or trying to stay connected while on the go. Traveling to meet others in person is costly, wastes precious time, and can delay critical decisions.

The RealPresence Platform from Polycom is the intelligent infrastructure that solves the problem by enabling simple to use, HD quality, secure video conferencing. It makes video collaboration always available to everyone across any network, protocol, application or device of choice. The RealPresence Platform from Polycom acts as the unifying hub in your unified communications environment and works via open standards-based interoperability with communications and business applications from hundreds of vendors. The five pillars, or infrastructure components, of the platform make video and voice collaboration simple in any environment.

  • Eliminates collaboration silos caused by systems that don’t talk to each other including support for emerging standards such as SVC
  • Facilitates customization through the industry’s most robust suite of APIs for tight integration into OSS/BSS systems for scheduling, billing, provisioning and monitoring
  • Supports up to 25,000 sessions and 75,000 devices in a single video event—at least five times more than other video platforms
  • Saves up to 50% of the network bandwidth used by other video platforms
  • Is standards-based and natively interoperable with UC solutions that already exist in a customer network, and also with 3rd party vendor solutions, giving customers the best investment protection in the industry